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The price of Toyota Hybrid C-HR is more than 65 lacs in USA. 2024 Toyota C-HR Hybrid is finally here – but it’s not for everyone, with the second-generation small SUV. An upmarket offering when compared to its predecessor, which was also available with a non-hybrid petrol engine. Point being, the crossover now costs more, but it’s looking to back it up. With price rises in excess of $10,000, the next-gen C-HR Hybrid isn’t as attainable as its predecessor. And then there’s its overt exterior styling, which is over and above the divisive styling of the original. But, of course, there’s more to the Japanese model than just that, as it’s also packed with more cutting-edge technology. Which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. In this expert review, Cars guide Journalist Chris. Thompson attends the Australian media launch of the new C-HR.

Technology and performance

The Modulo Android Plug-in seamlessly integrates with your. Toyota C-HR’s existing infotainment system, offering a user-friendly interface that’s intuitive to navigate. With its plug-and-play design, installation is a breeze, requiring no complicated wiring or modifications to your vehicle. The C-HR arrives, initially, with a choice of two hybrid engines. That will be familiar if you’ve driven a Corolla recently. They are the 1.8-litre engine, with 140hp, or the 2.0-litre engine, with 197hp. Surprisingly, given the disparity in power output, both engines are within a hair of each other in terms of economy, both claiming to deliver 60mpg, and both — in our hands on. This test drive — living up to that claim in the real world. The C-HR’s cabin is pretty practical. You get slightly narrow door bins, a good under-armrest storage box, two cup holders, a wireless phone charging pad.

Advanced Featuresyt

  • Experience the power of Android technology at your fingertips. The Modulo Android Plug-in boasts a range of advanced features, including Stream your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks with ease. The Modulo Android Plug-in supports a variety of multimedia formats, ensuring endless entertainment options on the road.
  • Navigation Assistance: Never get lost again with built-in GPS navigation. Seamlessly navigate to your destination with real-time traffic updates, points of interest, and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Stay connected while on the go. The Modulo Android Plug-in allows you to make hands-free calls, send messages, and access your contacts with voice commands. Keeping you connected safely and conveniently.
  • Access your favorite apps directly from your car’s dashboard. Whether you need to check the weather, update your calendar, or reply to emails. The Modulo Android Plug-in puts all your essential apps within easy reach.
  • Personalize your driving experience with customizable settings and themes. Tailor the interface to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a sleek minimalist design or vibrant, eye-catching visuals.

Enhanced Productivity

Transform your Toyota C-HR into a mobile office with the Modulo Android Plug-in. With access to productivity apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office, you can stay productive while on the move. From reviewing documents to attending virtual meetings, the Modulo Android Plug-in empowers you to make the most of your time behind the wheel. The boot isn’t, though. At 388 liters (364 liters for the 2.0-litre version) it’s definitely on the small side, and although the shape and flat-floor are good, there’s no getting away from the fact that the likes of the Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro (and even the Ford Puma) offer way more load space than this. Toyota C-HR offers the most advanced and comprehensive system in its class with T-Mate safety features that integrate Toyota Safety Sense 3, Parking Assistant and Driving Assistants. The increased scope of safety features reduces the risk of accidents.

Improved Safety

Toyota Hybrid C-HR price in the USA is paramount on the road, and the Modulo Android Plug-in is designed with your well-being in mind. With voice-activated controls and hands-free functionality, you can stay focused on the road ahead while accessing essential features. Plus, with its seamless integration with your Toyota C-HR’s existing safety systems, you can drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle is equipped to keep you and your passengers safe. Toyota C-HR Hybrid, the completely renewed C-SUV model produced in Toyota’s factory in Turkey, has carried its bold style even further in the new generation. The new model attracts attention with its sharper and more striking design, user-oriented digital cockpit, rich equipment, new technologies and advanced safety features.


Elevate your driving experience with the Modulo Android Plug-in for Toyota C-HR. With its advanced features, seamless integration, and unparalleled convenience, this innovative accessory is a must-have for any Toyota C-HR owner. Experience the future of automotive technology today and unlock a new level of comfort, entertainment, and connectivity on the road. With Toyota C-HR, driving under all conditions has become more fun, comfortable and safe. The Advanced Automatic Parking System offered in the new model is offered so comprehensively for the first time in its segment. It can perform steering, gear shifting, gas and brake controls completely on its own in both L-parking and parallel parking manoeuvres. This increases the practicality of the Toyota C-HR, especially in urban use. Smart Lane Change Assistant, offered for the first time in its segment on the Toyota C-HR, can automatically complete the lane change process when the signal is given.

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